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Is Holiday Debt Anxiety Really Worth It?

As we are 17 days away from another spectacular Christmas holiday, many of us head out to

shop til’ we drop for our loved ones. The holidays are supposed to represent happy and joyous times with family and friends. However, after reading this November 30th, 2017 article from Business Wire (New Survey Finds Relationship Tension and Anxiety are Hidden Costs of Debt), It makes us wonder how wonderful this time of year really is?

A Harris poll of over 1,000 Americans commissioned by the American Institute of CPAs found that 73 percent of those surveyed are living with debt and 56 percent of that group states that debt has negatively impacted their lives. What we would love to know is how many of them who were polled are still ending up at the mall, whipping out the plastic and swiping away? How many people go into debt entertaining and hosting for the festivities only to have financial regrets in January when it’s time to pay the piper when the bills come due. These things must be planned for, or you will end up making a resolution for the New Year to increase your financial fitness, in addition to the physical workouts that come after the ball drops and the curtain closes on this year.

At DNA Financial Services, we have reiterated throughout the year that the best way to attack this time of the year is by using a spending plan to gain control of your finances and then implement strategies that will help you pay down your debts and help you set your course to a debt free or controlled debt lifestyle. To do this requires a willingness to change your old habits and dive instead into the pool of discipline and financial intelligence. When it comes to your financial well-being, you have to decide “Are you interested in making changes, or will you commit to making it so?”

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, but with your finances, like everything else, do so responsibly. If you decide that a change has to come in the New Year concerning your personal spending habits, or even before, DNA Financial has a number of services available at that can be customized to aid you in your journey to financial freedom. Don’t let the stress and weight of debt take away the joy of life for you. You were not born with debt, you were not made to carry debt, and remember, Debt is not in Your DNA.

Founded in 2015, DNA Financial Services LLC has pledged to Educate, Empower and Equip the financial DNA of its’ clients now and for generations to come. The company offers a number of financial services designed to bridge the gap in wealth building education while aiding and advocating for the financial literacy of people from all walks of life.


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