About DNA Financial Services

DNA Financial Services is a full scale financial service organization that can assist you with financial coaching, debt management, strategic wealth building, tax preparation and small business start-up services.  No matter where you are in your financial journey DNA Financial can help. 


Perhaps you are experiencing a financial crises and don’t know what to do to change your circumstance.  DNA Financial Services specializes in helping our clients out of financial crises through education and coaching, which gives them peace of mind and hope for their financial future.    

DNA Financial will take you through a step by step process that will help you to change your behaviors towards money and teaching you how to be the master over your money. 


You will find as you graduate from step to step you will have a feeling of accomplishment which will motivate you to keep going.  At DNA Financial, we take humble pleasure in seeing our clients grow financially and eventually grow from being a client to being a partner which introduces additional financial growth opportunities.  


DNA Financial Services LLC is determined to bridge the financial education gap.  We provide customized financial literacy and empowerment to youth and adults.  Education is performed in the form of seminars, school curriculum and our Face to Finance one on one coaching sessions.

Our DNA Mission Statement

Our mission at DNA Financial Services is to educate, equip and empower its clients' financial Wealth DNA now and for generations to come.

CEO and chief wealth strategist Angela Mitchell shares how the concept of DNA Financial came to be.

CEO and Chief Wealth Strategist Angela Mitchell discusses how the concept of DNA Financial Services LLC came to fruition and its' purpose.