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Words cannot express the heart felt love and gratitude I feel in my heart for Angela Mitchell and DNA Financial Services. 

This is just one of my testimonies of how I have been wonderfully blessed to be the recipient of Angela’s Godly wisdom, knowledge, expertise and understanding in the field of finances.  It would take too long, and too much paper to break it down for you, everything she has done for me.

When we met I was in a real financial crisis.  She was the person God led me to, and whom He used, to talk with me, instruct, and advise me regarding my financial circumstances.  After listening to her, and following her confirmed advice, one of the greatest miracles that has ever happened in my life took place.  I was given the option by my mortgage company to pay off my home loan that I still owed $50,000 on for $1500.  Yes, you read that correctly! $1500 and I have the Deed to prove it! 


Angela has been consulting and advising me on my finances ever since.  To this day, there is absolutely no one on the face of this planet earth that I talk to about my finances except God and Angela!!!


Redford, MI

Angela is a great instructor, mentor, and financial consultant! She makes it easy to set up a financial plan, set goals and follow it! I recommend Angela to everyone!


Dearborn, MI

I am truly grateful for the work of God through DNA.   I have so much peace now about my finances.


Southfield, MI

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