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DNA Financial Services LLC

Corporate Heart


DNA Financial is committed to teaching its customers the advantages of a debt free lifestyle and determined to educate its customers about the lures of debt and how debt freedom opens up so many possibilities and liberties.

Have you ever imagined living the life that you want to live feeling free of financial stress, therefore not tied to a job that you don’t like?  Being able to call your own shots and truly do the things that make YOU happy.  For some, this may seem impossible, but I am here to tell you that it is not. 


I left my job of 23 years in 2016, and that day begin my wonderful journey into freedom and doing what I love.  I get the opportunity every day to help people find THEIR financial freedom. 


This picture can look different for everyone.  For me, freedom was being able to get out of bed when I was ready because I was not obligated to be at a job at a certain time.   Trying new restaurants with my husband and experiencing what it was like to be a homemaker, which is something I never had the opportunity to do before.  Also, being able to volunteer at my church when they needed me and being present in my children’s lives. 


I wanted to do all of this and still be able to meet my monthly financial obligations.  To some, this may seem like nothing, but to me it was everything because it was what I wanted to do, but could not because I conformed to a job.   Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine what would make you happy.  Can you picture it?  Good. 


Now think about what you would have to do to make this picture happen.  What steps would you have to take?  


At DNA Financial Services, we help you with this process.  We help you to position yourself financially, so that you can do the things that make YOU happy.  The time is NOW!  Take the first step to your personal financial transformation.   DNA Financial Services wants to help.

We value our customers and constantly look for ways to add value as meeting their needs is our first priority.  Adding value means wise planning and keeping abreast of the facts.

DNA also believes in the importance and strength of the Family and will teach Families about generational wealth and what it’s like to be financially whole.

DNA Financial Services is founded on Christian principles which leads to the success of the company.   God tells us to owe no man anything, accept to love them and He goes further to tell us that the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow.

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