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DNA Financial Services makes keeping track of your revenue a breeze!  Experience our personalized guided approach that puts YOU in the driver's seat when it comes to YOUR money.

We understand the unique challenges that small and mid-size businesses face when it comes to money management.  We also realize that every phase of your business presents not only unique challenges but tremendous opportunities as well.

Our signature bookkeeping services come down to one word—commitment.

This training process will take from three to six months to implement depending on your needs, but it will give you a new handle on your finances and increase your business’s bottom line for years to come. 

What makes the Angela Mitchell Signature Bookkeeping System different from any other is because it was created to flow from your internal business processes outward. Meaning that we create a bookkeeping system that fits you and your business style from the inside out.

Our goal is not to alter the uniqueness of your business savvy. Instead we aim to create a system around the way that you are already operating your business, increasing the speed of implementation and service success.

Angela Mitchell’s Signature Bookkeeping Services offer a four-phase training module:

Discovery Phase

  • Determine your business needs and organizing your financial records.


Strategy Phase

  • Select the best accounting method for tracking your revenue.

  • Identify a tax reduction strategy for your business.


Implementation Phase

  • Train you on how to manage your books and educate you on what to look for if someone else handles your bookkeeping.


Monitoring Phase

  • Host monthly meetings and check-ins to ensure that we properly aid you on the journey to taking control of your business finances.

  • Make updates to your bookkeeping system as needed to ensure the best user experience.


After the customized training process is completed, you can expect to be able to:

  • Organize your finances in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Manage your money in a way that makes sense for you and yet adheres to solid finance principles. 

  • Understand what your financial statements mean and how to read them.

  • Learn how to set and realize goals that allow you to pay yourself without hurting your bottom line. 


With our bookkeeping services, we aim to Help You Keep More of the Money You Make in your business and in your life!