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Fighting the Paycheck to Paycheck blues

In our weekly research, DNA Financial has come across an interesting August 24th, 2017 article that came from CNBC. (Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck) The article states statistics according to a poll taken this spring from saying 78% percent of American citizens polled that are working full time jobs feel that they are living paycheck to paycheck. That number is up from 75% in 2016. In addition, the same poll says 71 percent of all U.S. workers that were questioned this year consider themselves in debt.

This is neither shocking nor alarming to most of us who are living or have lived through this situation. We must strive to remain vigilant concerning our personal financial fitness. This means that we must remain intentional with having a plan and purpose for every dollar that comes into our hand. Our current generation has seemingly made more money and spent more than at any time in American history. The struggle, as they say, is all too real and it will take a real spending plan or budget and must have real attention paid in order to not fall prey to this debt and doubt mentality.

Much of this is fear. Some people are scared to save, invest, tithe or donate due to feeling there won’t be enough money left over. This is where a spending plan or budget comes in to help you see what you have available after bills and what you won’t. As we said before in our financial regrets blog, a lot up purchases we have made in the past are questionable at best. Is that what we want to keep cash on hand for? Make this the day you stop being scared of how to manage your paycheck. Remember, money is a tool for you, not the master of you. When this is realized, that is when you chase those paycheck to paycheck blues away.

Founded in 2015, DNA Financial Services LLC has pledged to Educate, Empower and Equip the financial DNA of its’ clients now and for generations to come. The company offers a number of financial services designed to bridge the gap in wealth building education while aiding and advocating for the financial literacy of people from all walks of life.



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